Tweet much? MY SXSW wordcloud.

March 21, 2011 — Leave a comment

Courtesy of wordle, here’s a tag cloud of my @BarrieSeppings tweet stream from SXSW.

As @dailydoseofjess would be very quick to point out, it does feature the word “tacos” reasonably prominently, but there are also a bunch of ‘doing’ words and I think that’s pretty accurate. There was a surefit of energy going on in Austin for those 5 days and it left me mentally energised (if physically exhausted). The sheer volume of ‘stuff’ really rocked me back on my heels and I notice it is taking me longer to sift through the inputs and for the insights to bubble to the surface – but already it is changing the way I approach briefs and look at creative opportunities. I certainly have more interest in experimentation and prototyping, which was a persistent theme in many of the panels and sessions dealing with the act of creation: a model borrowed from software development that is getting a lot of airplay in agencies right now.

I’ve been developing my elevator pitch in response to the invevitable ‘how was it?” and here are the 3 themes that worked for me, in a soundbite-friendly format:

1. Brands as Publishers
2. The Gamification of everything
3. The value of ‘Giving a Damn’

If you’re curious to see these 3 unpacked, stick around.


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