12 elevator pitches in 12 minutes

March 22, 2011 — Leave a comment

The trade show hall @ SXSW is where a lot of start-ups place all their bets on a good old-fashioned exhibition stand and plenty of foot traffic. There were close to 200 companies and organisations making a stand (literally) at the 2011 event, with film, music and interactive all thrown in together on the one floor and the battle for attention was, in some alleys at least, pretty fierce. Live demos, loud music, booth babes, free beer and, of course, more chances at winning an iPad2 than there were actual iPad2s physically available.

At these kind of events, the elevator pitch reigns supreme. And I love a good elevator pitch. So I lingered long enough (about 3-4 seconds, on average) to get accosted by the top-flight pitchmen and women of a dozen new interactive companies and asked them to give me their best pitch.

If the little audio player above is not working for you (there are some known browser issues), try this link, or listen in iTunes.

In order of appearance in this edition of the podcast, you’ll hear the elevator pitches from:

Zene Scene – location-based photo-sharing application.

LiveShare – mobile applicaton for group photo sharing.

Izea – social media marketing platform.

Calyp – loyalty and rewards program driven by social media.

Sevenval – platform to optimise web content for mobile devices.

eCast – digital OOH media platform.

Raven Tools – online marketing tools for SEO and social media platform.

neer – location-based to-do and reminder app.

SlideRocket – online presentation software.

epiction – mobile platform software developer.

Acts Of Sharing – online communities for sharing household items amongst friends.

365 Plus Media – women-focussed online publisher.

Conduit – web app and mobile platform development platform.

iTourU – platform for creativity and real-world adventure in the form of audio tours.

This last company is an Australian outfit that chose SXSW to launch their iPhone app and also chose San Francisco as their new company headquarters. Their app attracted plenty of attention and, as a marketing tactic, a presence at the SXSW trade show appeared to be paying off.

If the little audio player above is not working for you (there are some known browser issues), try this link.


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