A roundup of the SXSW2011 roundups

April 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

30,000 people. 743 presentations. 217 parties.  5 days. 1 cherry-red Corvette.

Putting all of that into one presentation was only ever going to offer a skim along the surface. If you’d like to dive in, here are some great places to start:


SXSW.com is, as you’d expect, the official home of the event.


Videos of the Keynote presentations have just been posted up on the official site, including Seth Priebatsch (SCVNGR), Guy Kawasaki (new book: The Art of Enchantment) and the incendiary Bruce Sterling (highly recommended).


The official SXSW Schedule now includes audio recordings of most of the panels and presentations.

The SXSW Trade Show page lists and links all the companies that had a presence in the exhibition hall.


The Sydney Ogilvy Mission to SXSW has blog posts, tweets, photos and more.



The w2fm FM podcast channel on iTunes has the daily podcast wrap-ups and interviews from the event.


The SXSW 2011 Slideshare collection hosts many of the official decks and presentations used at the event.


OgilvyNotes.com is home to all the ‘visual facilitations’ created by ImageThink


SXSW: Everyone wants a piece is a guest post on the new trendspotting blog STW Nextness

The official SXSW Channel on YouTube majors on music but also contains several keynotes and presentations.

CNN’s coverage of SXSW in blog form.

The Guardian’s coverage of SXSW, assisted by the folks at the supremely laid-back Austin Chronicle.

Mashable’s coverage, of both the event and their two-day long party at Buffalo Billiards

A primer on how gamification works from HowStuffWorks.

Marc Ecko’s Unlimted Justice Project, an attempt to outlaw corporal punishment in US highschools.

A food review of Salt Lick, Austin’s famous BBQ restaurant, on the Test With Skewer blog.

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