#10 What Your Client Is About To Become

May 13, 2011 — 1 Comment

Judging by the number of talks and panels on the topics of Branded Content, Brand Journalism, Branded Non-fiction , Branded Entertainment, Branded Narratives, Brand Storytelling and the like, it would appear that anyone with a brand or product is about to become a publisher, if they aren’t already.

While almost every marketer has developed at least a piece of content or two over the last couple of years, they’ve largely done so in the context of a campaign or project. If the argument put forward in many of these sessions is to be believed, prepare to witness it in the context of a Business Unit.

We’re talking corporate re-structuring, Chief Content Officers, investment in talent and infrastructure, codes of conduct & ethics, mastheads, revenue streams, regulatory hurdles and a whole mess of trust issues as the line between publisher and advertiser simply disappears.

Need to rewind? Catch the previous episode, where Ad Agencies learn What The Future Of (almost) Everything (possibly) Looks Like.

Stay tuned for the final episode when Barrie talks about old dreams, new heroes and why ‘Giving A Damn’ is the new black.

This video is part of the video blog series  “10 Things Agencies Can Learn From SXSW” presented by Barrie Seppings, Creative Director at Ogilvy Sydney.

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