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As promised, we took a new w2fm game for a spin last week and were pretty surprised by how well it played out.

“What’s my Motivation in This Scene?” is a scenario role-play that let’s you take real-world decision-making for a spin. It let’s you try new approaches, messages, channels and messengers to see what’s most likely to shift the needle on the problem. This game doesn’t really seem to require a finished, written brief, as such, but it does help to use the info from a brief as the “lines” each character might use.

w2fm role playWe learned a lot about physical placement of characters and how we can use the stage to mimic the relationship between characters – a character representing the competitor product or offer, for example, should be placed close to the character representing your own product, if they are similar in their features or benefits. What you then see, clearly illustrated, is how “category statements” benefit your competitors as much as they benefit you. In our game, the competitor had a much larger advertising spend than our product, so we gave that character a megaphone.

And how did we cope with the phone? Look, I get it: sometimes, not everyone can be in the room. It really does cramp a live workshop to have a disembodied voice in the room and I shudder to think what the experience is like for those who have to dial in. But in this case, we found the perfect character for the phone-in:

It actually suited the “distant but omnipresent” nature of the approvers and influencers who lurk in the background of every B2B sale.

We’re planning a couple more rehearsals of this game before taking it to its “method actor” conclusion: placing actual customers, competitors, influencers, peers and product experts in the roles to see just how realistic we can make it.

Oh, and I’m in the market for a stripy top, a beret and a folding canvas chair.