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David Ogilvy is a pretty quotable guy, but certified Aussie Ad Legend John ‘Singo’ Singleton is not far behind. He often used to say that he wasn’t interested in being part of the advertising industry – he was interested in being part of the industries his clients were part of. Singo would have loved SXSW.

No matter what you – or your clients – are into, there was a panel/presentation/meet-up/workshop/demo devoted to exploring the future of it: Banking, Retail, Fashion, Television, Telecoms, Education, Employment, Architecture, Philanthropy, Latin America, Law Enforcement, Agriculture, War, Politics, Sex and, um, Zombies were all covered. And that was on day one.

The good news is that everything is about to be gamified. Or prototyped. Or democratised. Possibly all at the same time.

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This video is part of the video blog series  “10 Things Agencies Can Learn From SXSW” presented by Barrie Seppings, Creative Director at Ogilvy Sydney.